A family member had an identical model go pretty much trouble free for 75,000 miles. Due to consumer demand, Harley-Davidson introduced a street-legal Sportster version of the XR-750 called the XR-1000 in 1983.In addition to the large impact the Sportster has had on the world of recreational motorcycling, this legendary American bike has also made quite an impact on the world of motorcycle racing.One of the most famous motorcycle racers of all time was Leo Payne. The Sportster Hugger came on the scene in 1988, and its smaller size was designed to attract beginner, and female riders. I love this bike and it rides like a dream.19 years old, just bought a 1974 XLCH 1000 hardtail chopper as my second bike, was sitting in a shed since 2008, been working on it every day bringin her back to life!

After I got over the honeymoon phase and started taking things apart it becomes apparent that the Sportster is really fun to work on. The streamliner motorcycle that Mr. Rayborn utilized attained speeds over 260 mph, and was powered by a single Sportster engine.Kickstarters were replaced with electric starters on all Sportsters in 1980, and the stripped-down XLX61 model was introduced in 1983. That's multiplied by the fact that there is so much aftermarket support in addition to technical support. In 2008, Harley-Davidson entered the modern sportbike market with the debut of the XR1200 Sportster. The Iron 1200 first appeared in 2018 with an MSRP of $9,999 USD.The Forty-Eight is a further addition to the Nightster style Sportsters, it has a peanut fuel tank, wire wheels and a wider front tire. That said, I’ve ridden cross-country on an old Ironhead and the vibrations didn’t bother me at all, in fact I kind of liked that you could feel every twist of the throttle. Anything else, such as 'here's my bike' posts, should be posted to /r/Harley, /r/motorcycles, or /r/bikesgonewild.Press J to jump to the feed. The middleweight K model was introduced in 1952, with a 45 cubic inch flathead engine, and a unit construction four-speed transmission that was contained inside the engine cases. I loved that bike and even after several big twins I still held on to and rode it occaaisionally. During its debut year, 4,892 units were sold. A mining town 130 miles northeast…The Vincent Black Shadow is one of few motorcycles that can truthfully claim to be powered by an engine designed by a man who would go on to design a Formula 1 World Championship winning…The Relwen Quilted Tanker Field Jacket is a new release from the Ohio-based company designed to be a tough, daily-wearable jacket for when the weather starts to turn cool. Unless you already have a preference on this issue, I’d suggest not losing too much sleep over it. From 1999 to 2006, Harley’s V-Twin engine faced a high rate of malfunctions. The era of the carburetor had ended. The design was opposite that of the One of the mechanical advances offered on the K models was the inclusion of hydraulic suspension systems on both wheels. Somewhat amazingly, that Ironhead engine would stay in production for 28 years until it was replaced with the Evolution engine in 1986.This long production run is excellent news for prospective Harley-Davidson Sportster owners as it means there’s a vast market for spare parts, an immense amount of mechanical know-how and a brilliant community of people around the country who love to meet other Sportster owners, talk shop and offer some hard-learnt advice.The large, highway cruising, chrome plated motorcycles we all associate with the Harley-Davidson brand nowadays name didn’t come about until many decades later, meaning the Sportster is actually the truest representation of the original DNA of the company.The Nightster was introduced in 2007 and became quite popular.

Harley-Davidson Sportster History. Another theory is that the term was devised by an envious sidewalk commando/biker-poser. Keep up on your maintenance and you'll be fine (for the most part).Cool, I'm comfortable with maintenance items and that sort of thing, i just wanted to make sure that year 19xx to year 19xy is known to have the tranny completely shit the bed or something.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast**This is a technical subreddit!