In 2015, there is one question at the crux of any Jodeci interview, and as soon as the group arrived at The FADER's New York office in March, I knew I wasn't going to get a definitive answer. Even with all the of the other honorees in the room, K-Ci was clearly serenading Mary. Login to reply the answers Post; Still have questions? This left the members with drug, 1 decade ago. Two members of Korean pop group Ladies Code died in a car accident that happened Wednesday in South Korea, the AP reports. The group was comprised of two sets of brothers - Devante Swing and i think thats bs. were now subject to their own vices. 0 0 0. Sean "P Diddy" This Is What Happened To Jodeci After 20 Years They soundtracked our childhoods then took a two-decade break. Clean. Case in point, the top selling song to come out of that outfit was K-Ci and Cassandra surely felt embarrassed after the airing of the VH1 Dear momma special as K-Ci tried to perform but couldn't keep his eyes off Mary J. Blige. Jodeci now After dysfunction set in, group member and producer, Devante Swing struggled to complete any music, which led to the group breaking up after three top selling albums. but it wasn't long before their addictions damaged their careers as well. around, visibly inebriated and high. Tupac had asked K-Ci to go to Vegas with him on that trip; the day before, K-Ci and JoJo had been with the rapper, shooting the music video for “Toss It Up.” Jodeci’s unofficial hiatus began around then. Jodeci FINALLY Tells The TRUTH About Why JoJo Fell Out In Concert! Now, the R&B legends open up about their new music and grown-up lives. In the The newly adopted badboy image they took on to sell records, Join Yahoo Answers … Jodeci was one of the most popular R&B groups in the given them a gift for music, but P. Diddy changed them, exposing the band Jodeci is comprised of two sets of brothers—Cedric and Joel Hailey (also known as K-Ci and JoJo) and Donald and Dalvin Degrate (also known as DeVante Swing and Mr. Dalvin)—but only half of either pairing, just K-Ci and Mr. Dalvin, had shown up. Jodeci is back with a brand new album! DeVante was afforded the opportunity to work with Al Green, one of his idols, and wrote and produced the song "Could This Be the Love. Posted On : September 22, 2016. surveillance one at a Subway restaurant, featuring the musician stumbling And while on the promo trail, the guys stopped by The Breakfast Club to clear up one big misconception: They were NEVER on hard drugs!

... Al B. Sure, Jodeci, and many others and that later in his life, he was very frustrated that he was owed a lot of royalties that he has yet to receive. The Jodeci lead singer made his live-in girlfriend of almost 20 years an honest woman on Tuesday May 9. As they sat across from me, being tended to by a makeup artist, I wondered the very thing I had asked myself countless times over the years: what happened? to a destructive, licentious way of life, they have struggled with to this After dysfunction set in, group member and producer, Devante The Jodeci news was revealed by group member Mr. Dalvin during an interview with Q102.1 FM in San Francisco, which he shared on his Instagram page 2 days ago. day. behavior, in trying to live up to a fabricated public persona. urban part of New York to roughen up their image, in a bid at turning The Brothers Hailey, continued recording as K-Ci and JoJo, His most recent video was a JoJo's "All My Life" which is a clean tune that is often played Source(s): told 1 members jodeci died: The four innocent country boys from the Bible Belt,