or 20 cal. Please take the time to make the video for it! Do not use inside enclosed spaces and always provide proper ventilation. Shadrach Portable Rocket Stove With 50 Cal. This is a small, inexpensive homemade wood stove which burns wood, without smoke, thanks … If you really want to make my day then please subscribe to my newsletter. God speed to you in all your endeavors and may his love and blessings be bestow upon you and your loved ones, looking forward to hearing from youthank you very much for your comment, I can’t describe how satisfying it is for me to read. This is a small, inexpensive homemade wood stove which burns wood, without smoke, thanks to it’s secondary burn system.This all started as an experiment in small space heating. They have

Please note: The Stove comes unpainted. Us Tiny house goers need the heat!It is my 40th birthday! You will need adequate ventilation and a CO detector to stay 100% safe.I don’t sell these ready made as I have a ridiculously busy life and there are already nowhere near enough hours in the day! Just add a 4" stovepipe and you're ready to go! As far as helping people out is concerned, you have helped me massively with your comment: It has proved to me that the most efficient thing I can do to help others is to make my videos and get them on YouTube, so that they are available to everyone. I also saw videos about secondary burn and decided I wanted to incorporate that too! Perfect for outdoorsmen, adventurers, preppers, and anyone looking for a small, portable stove for both heating and cooking. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for up to date specials and promotions! I have no doubt that you will always be Nicholas’s number one hero.Well Staff Sergeant Cruz, I had better get to work! I built this after watching several video's. 4.7 out of 5 stars (20) Total Ratings 20, $14.97 New. @packaflameAdd QUICKFIRE fire starters to your order now! This says to me: 'I really enjoy what you are doing and I want more'. camping when temperatures drop below zero.

You'll never know what I'll be up to next!If you are suffering from a sinus infection (aka sinusitis) you need to read this post! Stoves (and fires in general) are one of my passions. slotted ends meaning that I can collapse the stove down for I set out making my first prototype to see what I could do.As anticipated, the first prototype (Which I refer to as the Mk I) wasn’t perfect. It will take me a while to release the Mk III, as I want to make the whole thing as professionally as I can and I also want to produce some decent build instruction documentation. Also I want you to know that my name is Tommy Cruz, SSG U.S. ARMY RETIRED and also a Disabled Veteran currently living in Kansas with my wife and my little boy Nicholas who is 10y/o. The Mk II is made from a 50 cal standard NATO ammo can (also designated as a 5.56 mm NATO ammo can) The dimensions are (L) 11″ x (W) 5 1/2″ x (H) 7″ = (L) 28 cm x (W) 14 cm x (H) 18 cm. Every Packaflame stove kit is Laser cut for an exact fit.-Template for Door & Slider Vent includes marking locations.-Door, -Circular Vent, -Latch Catch, -Door Latch, -Door Hinge. not in the tent and practicing how best to operate it. !This means I can send you an occasional email with updates as to what I've been up to. You have a great design and execution there. DUE TO COVID LARGE ROCKET STOVES ARE TWO WEEKS OUT AS OF JUNE 10TH. stoves in many different ways. About 3x larger I would say. The process requires cutting and drilling a few holes, and then just simple assembly. Anyway great video, wish you the best with your randomnous, I’ll be catching up on your other stuff!thank you for your comment. My personal bug bear is cleaning the things out easily and quickly, and this is the area i wish to concentrate on, possibly inverting the whole thing, using the lid as a removable bottom? Every Packaflame stove kit is Laser cut for an exact fit. I will definitely be doing this and I plan to make the Mk III version:I have a lot of work ahead of me but I hope I can do a good job with my Mk III stove. inside my canvas bell tent, it should be ideal for winter Looking forward to a warm shop.Hi Richard, these are great little stoves – I’m sure you will love it!thanks for the heads up – I’ll check it out when I get a chance.I was thinking of making a rocket stove but with thermal store to recoup all ( most) of the heat from exhaust gas.

Mil Spec ammo can. climates like Canada and Scandinavia. own design, bear in mind that this is the first stove I have THIS IS AWESOME. DUE TO COVID LARGE ROCKET STOVES ARE TWO WEEKS OUT AS OF JUNE 10TH. make it balance correctly. So major thanks for that. opening slightly.After carefully marking it all out this piece was