Besides draining the fluids and cleaning the spark plugs (or replacing them if needed), is there anything else I should look at as general maintenance before turning it over for the first time. Nissan Titan Talk Forum is a community for truck owners to discuss the Titan Cummins, Warrior, Midnight Edition and more! There are fewer issues associated with Two stroke oils, but the manufacturer’s branded oils are always a safe bet. SBT New 4-Stroke Premium Engines. About to leave to pick up a jet ski that has been sitting for 3 years. Make a decision to rebuild or replace after tear down of the engine.At best, "persuading" the engine to turn over will result in damage when it is started (because of rusty bearings, etc.). Disassemble the motor and inspect it for rust/debris. To be more clear, the jet ski was my father-in-laws so I know how it was treated for 7 of its 1o years (found out today it is a 97 model, also, 4 stroke, so separate oil and gas tanks!).

Sorry, we no longer support Internet Explorer Clymer Manuals Yamaha 2-225 HP Two-Stroke Outboards and Jet Drives, 1984-1989 B783- includes yamaha two stroke outboard marine repair manuals Yamaha 2-225 HP Two-Stroke Outboards (including Jet Drives) manual. If your jet ski has a two-stroke engine, you know how hard it is to find a jet ski repair shop willing to work on it. dirt dobbers and stuff like to build in the exit hole on the side of the hull. Kawasaki Performance 4-Stroke ATV/Utility Vehicle Engine Oil, Quart, 10W-40 msrp $5.95.
Two years later, Judson, now a Pro Racer, finished as the #10 Jet Ski Racer in the world. Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-15F. Detailed answers to any questions you might have Start here for a quick overview of the site Yeah, it is two stroke after some more research, just separate tanks. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Check out the all-new VX® lineup, race-performance GP™ WaveRunners, the debut of Yamaha’s four-stroke SuperJet® stand-up, and much more. Maxima makes a high-performance two-stroke marine oil that is perfect for your Jet Ski.

ACCOUNT CONTACT MY CART. When I went to change the spark plugs and found that one of them was loose. Two-Stroke Engine Services. It ran fine before going dormant. Got it back home and broke the engine down. No sense taking a chance of damaging either the screwdriver or the hammer (and possibly injuring yourself). @moab has good advice. There is a page that refer to diagnosis of starting issues. Sea-Doo; ... 2 Stroke Universal Flywheel Puller EXCEPT Kaw 900 /1100 /1200 and Sea-Doo 787 & 787 RFI, 951 & 951DI. That seems to be the engine, and I will absolutely save the link as a contingency. You have quite a project on your hands if you've never rebuilt a two stroke.Here is animation to give you a visual of how water can get into the crankcase of a two-stroke engine.The engine is in bad shape from improper storage. The ports run down the outside of the cylinder wall into the crankcase which means there is a high probability that there is water in your crankcase.You can take the cylinder head off of the top of the motor. Even if you get it freed up there will be rust on the cylinder walls and piston rings, which will cause more damage if you manage to get it running or spinning over with the starter. Pages 40 to 46. Explore the 2021 WaveRunners. After cleaning it today it appears to be in good shape throughout. I suspect bad news and a complete seizure at the crank as well as the pistons being seized to the cylinder wall.Good luck! The best solution is removal and complete disassembly and inspection of the engine. I understand the impeller may be frozen as well, should I detach that from the engine before trying to spin the driveshaft?These motors want the oil mixed right into the gasoline for the engine, is there any other place where I should be changing oil?Pulling water out of the cylinder doesn't mean you pulled out all the water. You might not even get that far, and you'll damage a piston or twist the crank while trying to free it off.Check your manual. I tried moving the driveshaft with my hands but I am unable.My next plans are to spray 'PB Blaster' in the spark plug holes, probably a couple times over the course of a week, and then use a wrench to try and get the driveshaft spinning.Is there anything else I should lube to try and get the driveshaft spinning?Should I be more concerned with other aspects of the boat?The driveshaft should be able to move by hand, correct? Jet ski oil change; Seat and pad recovering; Nothing is more therapeutic than a day on the water. You can knock the top of the piston with a hammer and screwdriver. At the beginning of the following season, the owner was unable to start it and just gave up.It is specifically a 1991 or 1992 Boston Whaler Rage.The boat has a Yamaha two stroke engine in it ( model number : j650c ).The engine has been submerged in water up to the drive train.